Rating Comparisons!
on demand (One-Way)
You've been asking for a way to compare ratings for multiple candidates without having to navigate in and out of all the candidate details. Today, we're taking a big step toward solving this problem with our
views. Look for more in-app information and links to detailed guides in the coming days. Meanwhile, here's a quick overview. We hope you enjoy this new way to compare candidates. Use the Give Feedback link while logged in to let us know what you think! (As always, you can use our Support Portal if you have questions or run into trouble using this new feature.)
What's in the new view
You'll see the selected candidate's combined rating for the on demand interview
for each question. You can get more details about ratings for each question, or about ratings for each candidate. Read on below this image to learn how to find the new view!
Locate and open the new view
You'll start from the Review Candidates tab in a Requisition. Sort and filter the candidates to create your "working set" or "review set" of candidates.
Click on any candidate's name to open the Review List (aka "List & Details" view). You might think of it as the tool for reviewing multiple candidates.
  • We've added an information bar at the top that shows you the sort and filter settings that created this set of candidates.
  • There's a new "Back to list" link. Click that to go back to the Review Candidates tab with your sort and filter settings still applied.
  • Some interviews will offer the new "Compare by question" link. Read on to learn which interviews will have the link!
If the candidate you're reviewing has a
completed on demand interview
, when you expand that interview you'll see the Compare by question link.
When you click that link, you'll see that matrixed rating view you saw at the top of this post. It'll include all the candidates in the current working set, or review set. With this view you'll see how all the candidates' ratings compare to each other.
When you're done comparing ratings
Just use the "Back to List & Details" to keep reviewing candidates in the current working (or review) set. From there the "Back to list" link will return you to the Review Candidates tab where you can update the working (review) set or take other actions.
That's it! We hope you enjoy the new views. Remember to let us know what you like or want to see improved about the new views using the Feedback link while you're logged in.
Give Feedback!
Now you can send product suggestions directly while you work in interviewstream with low or no interruption. Simply click "Give Feedback" where indicated by the light bulb icon near the bottom of the left navigation menu.
Give Feedback Changelog 2
After clicking, you'll see a feedback form where you can describe your suggestion. You can even add a screenshot or drawing to help us understand your idea! While there, you can also vote on other ideas. (Don't worry - your work in interviewstream is in the other browser tab, just as you left it. Simply go back to the interviewstream tab and pick right up where you left off.)
If you are experiencing a problem with interviewstream, contact Support via the support portal at https://support.interviewstream.com/ (or use the Help link in the application) so that an agent can help you. We review submitted Feedback using the "Give Feedback" link from time to time but we don't monitor it in real time. The Support portal is your fastest route to help if you need to report a problem.
Actionable Information in **New** "Home" Dashboard
We've added a couple of new widgets to highlight expiring requests and scheduled interviews and changed to a simplified layout in a new "Home" dashboard—all to bring you focused, crucial information you can act on to keep your recruitment efforts moving forward. The new dashboard will be available for new users when they log in for the first time. We'll gradually roll it out to returning users over the coming days.
Expiring One-Way Interviews:
lists One-Way (on demand) requests that are about to expire in the upcoming week. By knowing what expiration dates are approaching, you can check in with your candidates, send reminders, or extend expiration dates.
Upcoming Live Interviews:
lists Live Two-Way (connect) interviews that are due to take place in the upcoming seven days. You can use it to make sure all your interviewers are ready!
Recently Completed Interviews:
We've added the Requisition name so that the recent activity by requisition is more apparent.
How to Find It
If you are a new user logging in for the first time, you won't have to do anything. You should automatically see the new dashboard labelled "Home".
If you are a returning user, you already have the Default Dashboard. You also might have created additional dashboards. When the Home Dashboard is added to your account, you'll find it in the dashboard selection drop-down at the top left. All your existing dashboards will still be available.
What does it look like?
You'll find a familiar look and feel but with new, more powerful content. The one-column layout lets you scroll through the widgets. And we've limited the number of widgets to only those that provide information likely to be actionable or of interest in the moment.
Home Dashboard All
Improved Requisitions Question tab
We've recently made some changes in the organization and appearance inside the Questions tab of a Requisition. We hope the changes make it faster and easier for you to set up your on demand (One-Way) and connect (Live 2-Way) interviews*.
  • Headings group the various setup options.
  • "Required field left blank" indicates sections that need more information before the setup can be saved.
  • Welcome and good-bye message setup are separated. They now appear in this page in the order they'll appear in the on demand interview, so you can work top-to-bottom.
  • Required fields are indicated.
  • You can now Save your work without automatically being sent to the next tab. This could be useful if you get interrupted during setup, or if you have several questions to set up manually.
Changelog Question Setup Tab Improvements
* Live Two-way section available to customers using a video meeting client that supports this feature.
Updated New Question Setup menu
on demand (One-Way)
As part of our ongoing work to streamline and simplify the interviewstream user experience, we've made a small change to the question setup form for on demand (aka One-Way) interviews. Previously, interview authors would use a menu bar with several buttons. Now, interview authors will simply hover over the "+" button at the lower right of the Question Setup section. A menu will pop up giving access to all the question types as well as to adding from the question bank.
New interview before adding questions
New menu pops up on hover
After making a selection, interview authors will be able to proceed as usual to configure interview questions. (Note that we've also moved the icon for the response type—in this illustration a video response—from its previous position on the far left to its new position with the other response options.)
In-app tours and tutorials coming soon!
In the coming days some of you might start to notice some enhanced help/instructional content when you are logged in to interviewstream. We hope the new content will help you learn how to use the application quickly and give you reminders from time to time.
As we evolve this content we'll add targeting rules to try to show the most relevant content to the people most likely to benefit from it. Some content will be set to appear only the first time you visit a certain page. Other content will be set to appear once in each new session until the steps are complete or you've dismissed the tour altogether.
Here's how you can have some control over when and how often you see this content:
  • "x" in upper right corner of message boxes: use the "x" to close the tour if it doesn't interest you in the moment. If the tour is set to appear on every visit to the page, you'll get another chance to work through the content the next time you log in to RIVS.
  • "Don't show again" button: use this button to hide the tour permanently. In this case you won't be offered this content again.
Canny changelog HelpHero
There can be a couple of ways to navigate through a tutorial:
  • Some will have "Next" or "Back" buttons you can use to proceed through the steps.
  • Some, like the example below, will highlight fields or buttons in the application. You can fill in the fields or click the application buttons to continue to the next step.
Canny changelog HelpHero (2)
We hope you enjoy this new way to learn how to use interviewstream!
Change to Add Availability in a Case Sublocation
With this morning's release we've made a change intended to improve scheduling reliability for our customers who use the Cases product. In Cases, if you want to add availability when using a Manual or Fixed sub-location type, you should go into your sub-locations and add availability there. It will no longer be possible to do this via the Advanced Settings of a Location. Locations that pull availability from synced calendars are not affected by this change.
Cases Add Availability
Once you're in the Set Up area, you can add and edit sub-locations (some people will see a label other than "sub-locations" but the page will look the same). Each sub-location has an "Add Availability" button.
Sub-Location Add Availability button
Field-level phone number validation help
You'll now get a little more help resolving new or invited candidate phone number issues thanks to field-level error messages. Messages will advise you if the phone number's U.S. area code isn't correct, if the phone number is too short or too long to be valid, or if there is some other error that prevents the application from identifying the phone number as valid. Here's an example:
You'll see these messages
  • in the New Candidate dialog box
  • in Requisitions in the Invite Candidates tab
Note that for now the phone number validator expects U.S. phone numbers. We anticipate internationalizing this feature and will announce that enhancement when it's been scheduled.
New look for on demand interview management
You'll now see important actions for on demand interviews directly in the header of the collapsible interview section. (Available actions will vary depending on the interview's current status, your account configuration, and your individual privileges.) We've also updated the Action Menu icon at the far right of the interview header to use the "..." symbol that indicates more actions.
Changelog on demand interview management UI 20210818
Important actions you might see include
  • Resend invitation:
    sends the candidate another invitation to the same interview (formerly "re-invite")
  • Extend Expiration:
    lets you give a candidate more time to complete the on demand interview
  • Re-do Questions:
    lets you "unlock" questions in a Completed interview so that the candidate can submit a new answer for only the questions you specify
Attendee Reports: added information
The dowloadable attendee reports will now include the time the invited Attendee selected their timeslot. And for Cases customers, the Cases attendee reports will now include the Location as well as the Sub-Location.
Affected reports are
  1. Attendee Report (Event Templates)
  2. Scheduled Attendee Report (Cases)
  3. All Attendee Report (Cases)
If your account is configured to give you access to these features, you'll find the reports in the bulk actions menu in the Event Templates and Cases areas.
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